Project Overview: Major Midtown Commercial Office Building

With the need to reduce the power off the electrical grid, this NYC Major Office Building took it to the next level with a complete building common area lighting project.

INF associates worked closely with property management and the engineering staff to design and implement this LED lighting project, which has received the largest custom rebate awarded by the Con Edison Commercial & Industrial Rebate program, coming in at $250,000.00

Interesting Fact

The customer expects to save nearly $10,052,154.66 over the lifetime of the product
Project Overview:

Total Project Costs: $880,000.00
KWH Saved Pear Year:3,347,822
KW Saved Per Year: 383.22
Dollars Saved Per Year: $602,607.96
Con Edison Incentive: $250,000.00
Cost to Customer: $630,000.00
Payback Period: 6 Months
ROI: 200%