Historic NYC Hotel

Project Overview: Historic NYC Hotel

Due to the 24/7 nature of hotels the electric usage is often monstrous, this Major NYC Hotel recently implemented a lighting project in their guest spaces and front of house that has greatly reduced the carbon footprint and ultimately their electric bill through reduced lighting and HVAC load.


INF associates worked closely with property management to design and implement this LED lighting project, which has received a substantial custom rebate awarded by the Con Edison Commercial & Industrial Rebate program totaling $68,000.00

Interesting Fact

The customer expects to save $458,542.00 over the lifetime of the product
Project Overview:

Total Project Costs: $246,050.00
KWH Saved Pear Year:512,751
KW Saved Per Year: 68.6
Dollars Saved Per Year: $92,390.00
Con Edison Incentive: $68,000.00
Cost to Customer: $178,050.00
Payback Period: 21 Months
ROI: 52%