About Us


INF Associates LLC starts by developing a clear understanding of our client’s needs.

We then gather the specifications for improvements to design an energy efficient lighting program. Leading the lighting market with commercial and industrial LED Lighting products gives us a reference to technological and quality standards. Our project design and solution includes analyzing current lighting, energy, environmental, and other necessary data that complies with all UL (Under Writers Laboratory) and Energy Star requirements. We then finalize the project by showing electrical savings per month with the utility incentive rebate and correct pricing parameters at the maximum return on investment.

INF Associates LLC offers the correct solution for each application to our clients:

  • Reducing Total Operating Lighting Costs- by reducing energy costs combined with less maintenance costs.
  • Improve Sustainability Position- reduced GHG (Greenhouse Gas Emissions) emissions.
  • Improve the carbon foot print in the facility to reduce the power draw on the electrical grid.


Our founding members.
About Charlie
INF Associates was formed after realizing a gap in the New York market for high quality, sustainable led lighting. Customers loved the idea of saving money and having positive impacts on the environment.