INF Associates is a national turnkey energy services company specializing in facility energy management, providing solutions in consulting & on-site energy management, tenant space evaluations, lighting and advanced controls, EV charging software and equipment infrastructure, and utility rebate management. We are well-versed in the numerous state funding programs that significantly reduce the net cost of these energy projects to owners and property managers, to help reduce carbon emissions of their facilities.  Our company was initially formed based on a substantial demand in the New York market for high-quality, sustainable LED lighting and from there we continued to grow into the energy space. Our customers loved the idea of saving money, improving conditions for employees, patients, and guests, and having a positive impact on the environment.


Our focus has always been on providing the best solutions in collaboration with building owners and property managers. Growth of our business would be slow and steady, to ensure that we maintain the quality and consistency that our long-term customers and partners expect of us.


Our team of energy efficiency experts will work hand-in-hand with your facility management team to design and build projects from LED lighting upgrades to mechanical system replacements, from solar PV systems to large-scale EV charging deployments, in an effort to:


Save energy and reduce carbon emissions


Reduce operations and maintenance costs


Improve conditions for employees, patients, and guests


Strengthen your sustainability profile