Energy Engineer


Will serve as an engineer on the INF energy team to develop facility projects (energy and water management) and guide clients through development and implementation in support of their energy and sustainability goals. Leverage technical expertise and industry knowledge to drive sustainable business decisions for commercial & industrial and multi-family building owners.

Role Description  

  • Perform facility engineering assessments, leverage experience to collect relevant technical data, interview building engineers and staff for insights into operations & maintenance, and assemble project files with field notes and data.
  • Use technical and industry expertise to identify energy efficiency measures, local law guidance, and improvements to operations and maintenance, and assemble into a concise, engineering report.
  • Advise clients (property managers, facility managers, engineers, technicians) in identifying and scoping efficiency improvements and cost control strategies to align with their capital plans and sustainability goals
  • Ensure on-time delivery of high quality, detailed, error-free products
  • Build relationships with key client contacts from site-level personnel up to senior leadership and increase the breadth and depth of client engagements by positioning the INF Associates team as a trusted adviser
  • Lead client presentations, meetings, and discussions to develop a complete solution meeting the owner’s requirements

Technical Expertise

  • Knowledge of energy management methodologies, energy conservation measures (ECMs) and approaches to conserve electricity, natural gas, steam, and water.
  • Build templates or use existing calculations for energy savings, budgeting, and financial analysis
  • Conduct ASHRAE LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 on-site audits
  • Knowledge of utility incentive programs and equipment qualification requirements
  • Knowledge of energy codes and NYC local laws
  • Participate in industry events and training programs, including conferences, webinars, and other opportunities


  • Collaborate with INF teams to deliver cohesive solutions
  • Develop new tools and techniques to improve existing work process and products
  • Support Sales and development of new business pursuits
  • Monitor industry trends and evaluate cutting edge technologies and services for potential client application

Skills & Experience Requirements

  • 3+ years of direct experience in energy management, sustainability, or engineering, and in the following areas:
    • Facilities: Facility operations and management, building systems and equipment, controls strategies.
    • Capital Improvement Projects: Lighting and advanced controls, mechanical, chilled water plants, boiler/steam plants, HVAC, motors & drives, building envelope upgrades
    • Metering and Analysis: Auditing and data collection, utility consumption, hours of operations, load profiles
    • Water Conservation: audit, conservation, smart metering
    • Renewable Energy/Distributed Energy Resources: solar planning/installation/management, CHP, battery storage, ownership models
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, engineering or associated field required
  • Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and other industry certifications preferred
  • Detail-oriented, organized, and disciplined time management
  • Excellent communication skills (written and spoken)
  • Proven track record of solving complex business issues, developing deep client relationships, and delivering client satisfaction
  • Experience working in cross functional teams, diverse organizations, and managing complex projects and programs
  • Demonstrate passion, drive and commitment to overcome challenges and achieve excellent results in alignment with company’s mission, vision and values.
  • Skilled in using MS Excel, MS Word and MS PowerPoint
  • Ability to work under tight timelines and schedules

To apply:

If you are interested in joining INF Associates, please email us your resume, references, and qualifications at and we will contact you if we feel you are a good fit.