INF’s comprehensive services are tailored to help improve facilities by addressing each of the high-performance buildings attributes, including energy conservation, environment, safety, security, durability, cost-benefit, productivity, sustainability, functionality and operational considerations.

Consulting & On-Site Energy Management​​

· Dedicated Professional Engineer/Certified Energy Manager for energy master planning and capital planning support.
· Average 20 hr/week on-site assistance.
· Deliverables typically include reports, calculations, equipment data sheets, project concepts.
· Incentives and funding included.

Tenant Space Evaluations

· Evaluation of energy-consuming systems in tenant space(s) and base building to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.
· Detailed report includes utility analysis, base building evaluation, Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), O+M measures, and measures for further analysis, and proposed equipment specifications.
· Incentives and funding included.

Lighting And Advanced Controls

· Custom turnkey projects including complete design, installation, and recycling of old materials.
· Incentives and funding included.

EV Charging Software And Equipment Infrastructure​

· Custom turnkey projects including complete design and installation.
· Engineering review and recommendation of best fit solution – hardware and software.
· Incentives and funding included.

Utility Rebate Management​

· Estimates for capital planning.
· Engineering analysis and calculations for custom rebates, M&V, utility coordination.


Our straight forward process delivers value to the customer at every stage

Initial Scoping Meeting

INF will help define and prioritize the scope and overall goals for the energy project. With a brief initial walk-through of the facility, we can provide feedback on design concepts, constructability, potential challenges, schedule implications, energy savings, and utility rebates. We can also bring in various subject matter experts for additional insight into specialized areas. We will provide some guidance on a project path and timeline.

INF will develop the key aspects of the project to a sufficient level of detail to inform the complete build-out of the project. We will process any data provided by others, refine the project scope, develop a solution concept and preliminary budget, and prepare a presentation to the owner.

Preliminary Design

Design REVIEW(s)

INF will review the initial investigation and project concept with the project owner and stakeholders to discuss major considerations, design alternatives, and other key aspects. Clear next steps and overall timeline will be provided to fully execute the project. Subsequent design reviews will be held at other project milestones.
Following the owner’s notice to proceed with the project, INF will complete the design of the custom solution, with specifications, firm budget (with secured funding), construction support scope, and firm schedule.

Design Development


Depending on the type of project, implementation will take on various forms based on the needs of INF. This can vary from construction observation and support, to direct construction and sub-contractor management. Following commissioning, we will provide record documentation, additional guidance, and information for follow-on projects.