Energy Services

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Through the use of light level meters and color rendering tools our highly trained staff will provide an energy audit which identifies the existing lighting within your facility. Our finalized report will include suggestions on how best to improve your energy footprint.
INF will provide materials to be installed using either in house labor or by a third party contractor.

As the LED market grows by leaps and bounds INF associates strives to stay at the cutting edge of the market, in order provide you the client the best available technology at the lowest cost. Because of this we remain vendor neutral and are constantly evolving in order to provide the best services available. We have access to all major manufacturers (Phillips, GE, Sylvania ETC) while still having an extremely wide network of smaller custom solution based manufacturers so that we might bring the perfect solution to our clients.
INF will provide consulting services to assist in the filing and obtaining of energy efficiency rebates through various utility programs.
INF will complete a turnkey service in your building including materials supply, electrical contracting/install, rebate administration as well as training staff on new technology.

Our Process

Our straight forward process delivers value to the customer at every stage.
  • 11. Initial Meeting
    During the first meeting INF Associates LLC will determine the overall goals of the lighting project and will perform an energy analysis of the facility. The results of the energy analysis will determine the ROI (Return on Investment) of the project as well as rebate potential.
  • 22. Design
    Upon completion of an audit INF Associates LLC will determine the overall goals of the energy project and create an analysis which outlines the ROI (Return on Investment) of the project as well as rebate potential. As approved contractors for the Con Ed C&I, NYSERDA C&I, Con Ed Multifamily and Con Ed SBDI we are cleared to submit all necessary paperwork and can summit all necessary paper work required and will identify the greatest rebate possible.
  • 33. Project Presentation
    Upon approval of the utility company INF Associates LLC will present the proposal, with detailed explanations of energy savings, financing structures and incentive amounts to the customer.
  • 44. Facility Review
    With the customer's approval to begin a project, the project manager will perform a room-by-room evaluation of the facility to determine the implementation strategy and discuss the installation plans with the customer.
  • 55. Final Review
    Project completion with the incentive paid direct from the power company to the client reducing the power consumption and helping the country become more environmentally friendly for the future.